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February - Penny Wars

Thank you all for participating! With a grand total of $655.18 raised, we are able to sponsor 6 children thru Cross Catholic Outreach with one year of tuition and lunch at Sacred Mercy School in Haiti!  These children are eager to obtain an education that will help lift them and their families out of a cycle of poverty, hunger, and despair. Here are the standings:

PK- $133.69    4th- $25.20

K- $148.67      5th- $58.93

1st- $97.75     6th- 42.74

2nd- $39.20    7th- $24.28

3rd- $73.68     8th- 10.84

October - Hike for Life 

The October 2017 Hike for Life event was a lot of fun.  SPSA had about 15 students, parents, family members, staff and teachers show up to participate.  Our SPSA Saints "team" raised $311.00 that was donated to save a baby's life.  We are so proud to have been able to be a part of this event that has been going on since 1973!  The Hike for Life is Texas' oldest pro-life event.  We hope you will join us next year, for an even greater turn-out!  GO SAINTS!!