High School Information:

Hereyou will find important application information for all of the private high schools in the area. 


Important Dates to Remember

Ravenna Online Application Process:

Ravenna is the name of the admission software many Dallas-area private schools began using in the fall of 2015. For the 2018-19 admission season, all Catholic high schools will be using Ravenna. You will create a profile at 
www.ravenna-hub.com. Here’s a summary of how the Ravenna application process works:

  • You will create a Ravenna profile; you will add your child to that profile; and you will identify St. Philip and St. Augustine Catholic Academy -- Dallas as your child's current school. (That last part is very important!)
  • You will select the school(s) to which your child will apply.
  • Ravenna will step you through the application process for each school you selected. Some of the data will be shared among all of the schools you selected, and some will be specific to each school. The high schools will not know which other schools your child has applied to. For example: If you select Bishop Lynch and Jesuit, BL will know you applied to BL, and Jesuit will know you applied to ESD, but neither will know you applied to the other.

If at any point during the process of creating an application via Ravenna you need assistance, please contact Ravenna at help@ravennasolutions.com. This information is also available on the admission pages of the schools’ websites.

High School Visits

Bishop Dunn


Cristo Rey

Bishop Lynch

November 14

Welcome eighth graders and parents. We have compiled the information below to help you navigate this exciting year. We will update this page regularly so check back often! 

ISEE Information:

Visit the 
ISEE website. St. Philip and St. Augustine Catholic Academy urges you to register to take the ISEE in the beginning of January. 

Read about taking the ISEE with accommodations. 

​Fact vs. Fiction - What Every Parent Should Know About the ISEE